Frequently asked Questions

What is the Carbon Footprint of my furniture and fit-out project?

We strongly believe in minimising the environmental impact associated with out fit-out and furniture supply chain. All of our suppliers are ISO14001 accredited, and to support your carbon neutral business strategy, your interiors consultant can provide you with an ESG sheet for every supplier used on your project. To read more about our environmental policy, head over to our Corporate Social Responsibility page. 

How much will it cost me?

Every project is different, depending on the specifics such as size, specification and factors such as M&E, prices do vary. If you have a budget in mind, we can value engineer our prices to meet this and use our supply chain to demonstrate cost savings where appropriate. 

I've never done this before, where do I start?

At Ben Johnson Interiors, we strongly believe that a good brief is the key to starting off on the right foot, we cover all aspects of this in our blog, how to write a brief. Our interiors consultants can help you create a brief during your first meeting with us. We understand that no two projects are the same, that’s why we take the time to discuss your vision for the space in detail. The first step to bring your dream workspace to life is to contact us and speak to one of our experienced consultants.

How do I deal with staff retention and recruitment issues?

This is a question we are getting asked more and more with our clients, and is the most common reason for an office refurbishment currently. Recently, we have been seeing a trend for investment in office space with requests to redesign areas in order to encourage staff back to the office. We cover staff retention in our recent blog, why invest in your office interior design

How do I allow for growth when looking at office space?

Our experienced consultants can speak to you about workplace consultation, this is an in depth process which asses your current working practices, allowing for growth over a certain time span. A dynamic workplace design, or flexible workplace design, creates a space that can easily be reconfigured to meet your needs, and this includes looking into the future and ensuring your new workspace is futureproof. 

What are the current office trends?

Employees expect more from the office nowadays, such flexibility, positive work culture and a dynamic environment. Current office trends include ergonomic furniture, more natural light, recognising and supporting neurodiversity such as the use of acoustic booths and acoustic pods, integrated technology and biophilic office design. Almost every office we refurbish now also includes a breakout space, read more about breakout spaces here