Our Goal

We want to partner with you to support your business transformation projects by creating amazing workplace interiors.

Our Values


BE Proud

We take pride not only in what we do, but how we do it, demonstrating unquestioned honesty and openness with everything we do.

Integrity really matters.


BE Exceptional

We aim for excellence in everything we do, making it easy for our customers to choose us time and time again.

Nothing less than customers becoming fanatical about us!


BE Innovative

We put ourselves at the leading edge of what we do: creating, designing and sourcing the best solutions for our clients. 

We have to be the experts in our field.


Be Free

We work with freedom to realise our full potential, to continuously learn, promote new ideas, & test the boundaries of what is possible.

Efficacy rules around here.

Our History

Ben Johnson has been going strong since 1855