Workplace Consultancy

The Workplace Consultancy Process

The key to any successful project is developing an accurate brief. Engaging a workplace consultant can help you gain a clear understanding of your needs. Our consultant basically completes a study of your current working practices, analyses the data and reports back to you. If you need the answers to the following questions, engaging a workplace consultant will save you time and money.

Stage 1


Define the project protocols

An initial information gathering session will be required to understand the project parameters.

Information gathered at this stage will include:

  • Current locations of teams and departments in the existing building.
  • Essential working relationships.
  • Aspirations for the new office accommodation.
  • Overview of the main ancillary areas (Meeting rooms, café etc.)
  • Future changes in working practices (Flexible working etc)
    The customisation of our questionnarie to your specific needs and goals.

Accurate as-built drawings are essential in order to effectively undertake the Time Utilisation study. These audit drawings will also be invaluable in later stages to allow the programming of phasing works should you decide to remain in your existing offices.

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Stage 2

Staff Engagement

Part 1 - Briefing Sessions

Detailed brief taking sessions will be held with departmental representatives and key personnel to determine the team and resource requirements. A questionnaire will be used as a basis for structured feedback. The questionnaire will be provided in soft copy prior to the interview sessions, so that the interviewees are forewarned of the information required. To aid staff engagement, the resulting brief will be confirmed in writing and agreed by all parties before progressing to the Space Evaluation stage.

As part of the detailed briefing sessions we will prepare an audit of the furniture and facilities in the current offices. This will ensure that any essential requirements are allowed for in the new scheme and sizes for large copiers, post equipment etc are accurately captured. Particular focus will be placed on storage methods and quantities, to ensure an effective solution is provided. Any exisiting furniture will also be recorded, which will assist with reuse or disposal.

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Stage 3

Time Utilisation Study

Understanding the daily office usage

The time utilisation study provides evidence-based data for the office and meeting room occupancy over a given period. The process is completed in two phases and the results are presented as a written report.

Raw Data Collection

Information regarding the occupation of the workstations and ancillary areas will be taken hourly over a consecutive five day period. The up-to-date asbuilt drawings will be needed to record the information.

As part of employee engagment process, the staff should be informed that the active study is in progress.

Raw Data Analysis

The hard copy raw data will be converted to analytical information via Excel spreadsheet and CAD drawing.

The maximum and minimum occupancy periods per department and area will be identified via chart, graph and plan.

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The spreadsheet and drawing information will be used to prepare a report outlining our findings. This will illustrate each department and facility by hour and day, and the diagrammatic information provided ensures the information is easily understood by all parties.

Observations and recommendations will be provided as appropriate to support the overall accommodation project.

Stage 4

Staff Engagement

Part 2 - Workshops

Feedback from the wider workforce will be obtained via tailored presentation workshops. These sessions are intended to be informal and allow staff to express feedback via a variety of media. We will share examples of contemporary offices in practice.

These images allow us to gain valuable feedback in terms of their aspirations for the ‘tone of voice’ of the office interior, and our understanding of your values. Previous experience of staff engagement sessions have encompassed staff suggestions for meeting room names, or ideas for artwork etc alongside their day to day operational needs.

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Stage 5

Analysis & Report

Executive Summary

The information gathered from the client team and the staff will be ratified and compiled into a report document. This document may be used to contribute to the Step 2
– Space Planning phase and any design decisions going forwards.

Following completion of Design & Build – Step 1 – Workplace Consultancy a final report will be prepared outlining the main points and findings.

We anticipate this report will form the evidence required to support future property decisions for your business moving forward.

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