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Why choose us for your Manufacturing & Mixed Use Design and Fit-Out

Ben Johnson have completed construction projects on Manufacturing and Mixed-use sites for many years, our experience includes both new build and existing refurbishment projects. We understand the challenges of refurbishing an occupied manufacturing site, working within the sites strict health and safety protocols while maintaining business as usual.

What do we mean by Mixed Use?

The term mixed use covers a range of customers, including product manufacturing facilities, which can range from engineering to pharmaceutical products, to fashion or the food and drinks industry. You could be considering a manufacturing facility redesign, reviewing your production plant design, factory interior layout, or need help with a manufacturing plant renovation!

With the continued growth of online businesses, we also have vast experience in delivering mixed use distribution warehouse interior fit-outs, which typically include 80% warehousing and 20% office and wellbeing areas. 

Find out how to create better welfare and office spaces in Mixed Use buildings 

The world of work is forever changing and many of our mixed-use customers approach us to advise on how they could create better welfare and office spaces to help attract and retain the best talent. Recruitment and training costs can be a significant cost to a business. Whether it’s a forklift truck driver, machine operative, engineer or technician, expectations for better welfare facilities can be a driver to move or stay at a business. Popular additions include designing communal town hall spaces shared by office and production employees, and acoustic booths for informal meetings and collaboration. Office pods are also a great option to create office areas within production plan design. 

We’re experts in getting employees back to the office!

Our client Firmenich were struggling to get the office staff back to the workplace post pandemic. The recent upgrade of their office space has really made a difference in attendance, staff retention and improving communication and culture across the site.

Creating shared breakout spaces used by both the shop floor and office staff has helped improve communication and reduce the traditional them and us barriers. During the workplace consultancy and space planning phase, attention needs to be placed on the positioning of the teams who need regular access to the shop floor, with link doors and stand up town halls providing great additions to improve interaction and communication between teams.  

Future Maintenance and Sustainable Design is a key element of our Design Process 

Care needs to be taken when selecting finishes for the office and breakout areas used by the shop floor, they need to be more durable and hard wearing. Storage areas for PPE is a common request. Sustainable office fit-out is a consideration as many manufacturers review the design, build materials, and product selection to meet their net zero strategies. 

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