9 Inspiring Commercial Office Designs from across Europe


Following on from the success of our previous Inspiring Office Design post – dedicated to some of the stellar examples on the American side of the Atlantic – today, we’re taking a look at some incredible architectural and interior design stylings a little closer to home.

A glimpse from our work on the new KCOM offices before we travel further afield…

Europe is home to plenty of amazing interiors and exterior commercial design and we thought it was high time we celebrated it. Let yourself be inspired by the trends, tricks and techniques of those leading the way in European workplace design.

First up, Athens

This stunning, refined space below is the Block722 studio in the centre of Athens in Greece, as photographed by Giorgos Sfakianakis and Maria Siorba.

By completely gutting the existing office building to rebuild a flowing, open interior that fosters collaboration, architects Block722 have truly created a generous, light-filled space for their own employees.

Think plenty of natural materials, calming tones and an easy sense of balance and serenity which has no doubt enriched the lives of their staff.

Inviting and simplistic; the Block722 offices in Athens.


The AEtelier offices in Belgium have been designed and collaboratively built by Studio Anton Hendrik Denys and Steen Architecten.

This team has made a real feature of the region’s heritage, combining visible nods to the industrial past with a contrasting lush garden. This workspace brings together perfectly contemporary design and natural styles for the IT consultancy’s headquarters in the city centre.

The new, modern design stripped away the original building and remodelled it using softly reflective aluminium panels, then complemented by the wild, green garden to create something outstanding that no doubt draws new talent in a competitive market.

Industrial meets contemporary colour blocking for AEtelier.


Digital company Work & Co in Copenhagen wanted somewhere their employees could feel at home and Aspekt Office prioritised this ethos when taking on the redesign.

With the office situated in a historic old building in the Danish city centre, the designers have brought the interiors well and truly into the 21st-century Scandi style, by layering contemporary sharpness with natural materials.

We’re loving the mix of communal areas and private booths, soft textiles and plenty of oak wood adding warmth to avoid making the space too sterile.

A home-from-home environment created by the use of natural materials for Work & Co.


The Le Monde Group HQ in Paris has been designed by international architects Snøhetta and achieves the mammoth brief of bringing around 1,600 employees under one enormous yet sleek roof.

The exterior of the building itself is not without major impact, created from 20,000 pixelated glass elements making up an abstract bridge shape, offering shelter and a social plaza space beneath the arch. It’s also sustainable and internally features flexible working spaces, break out areas, two auditoriums and a roof garden.



Thonik HQ in Amsterdam has collaborated with MMX Architects to create their new custom-made, six-story office building (below image by Ossip) with a pretty graphic looking exterior and epic floor-to-ceiling windows to lift the mood of those spending the day working inside.

With only three of the floors dedicated to working, the others are more aimed at play, with a high-end restaurant and sake bar on the ground floor and an events space on the top and roof floors.

Not too shabby!

Eye-catching and graphic architectural design for Thoniq headquarters.


Berlin-based Unicorns & Lions have unveiled a new neo-brutalist office space created by interior design studio Loehr.

Its open plan areas, spacious outdoor terraces, terracotta colour blocking and exposed concrete have meant it’s a hit with those working in or visiting the building. The interior designers have opted for bold furniture choices to structure the work areas instead of using traditional walls as dividers, better catering to the needs of those working in the space.


PMMT Architects’ Barcelona office has been designed to reflect their core values, showcase their skills and prioritize the wellbeing of their staff. (Below image by Adria Goula)

Previously a biscuit factory, the building now boasts an uplifting, bright and ‘forward thinking’ vibe, including the use of moveable walls and panels, lino flooring and ergonomic furnishings, and really making the most of those high ceilings.

This Spanish industrial factory has had a modern makeover by PMMT Architects.


Back to Copenhagen a second and let’s check out this stylish space. Space10 and Spacon & X have been working on a snazzy new research and design lab to inspire and motivate the growing team of Space10 employees, and to coax them back into the office after a notable migration to remote, digital working.

The building now offers a fabrication laboratory, tech studio, test kitchen, event space, gallery, and flexible meeting rooms in a funky and bright environment that anyone would love to work in. The steel-framed, sound-absorbing cubes and flexible panels can be shifted into new formations as and when they’re needed.

Danish interiors inspo from the Space10 offices.


Nuvola Lavazza, based in Turin, Italy, have had Cino Zucchi Architetti working on their master plan for the entire neighbourhood, cleverly restoring a historic building into a sharp new office in the process, combining looks and function perfectly. (Below photography by Andrea Martiradonna)

More than 600 people work in the new area, looking after research and development for the coffee brand, whose HQ has always been in the region. So it stands to reason that the company has now invested a significant investment of circa €120 million into its new campus project, triggering the urban regeneration of an entire neighbourhood and giving something back to the locality.

Global coffee company Lavazza gives back to its hometown of Turin in a mass regeneration project.

Impressive stuff, right?

If any of these incredible designs have whet your appetite for an office overhaul, let us work with you to spec and create your new space and really put your company on the map. Get in touch now to get the ball rolling!

And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the next instalment of our global Inspiring Commercial Design series on the blog…