Acoustic Pods Acoustic pods provide sound solutions at work


Many of our clients based in open plan workplaces are now finding they need to provide additional areas: for focused working; informal collaboration; phone calls and small, impromptu meetings. Acoustic pods are often the answer and can be a fit-out (fixed) or furniture solution (mobile).

Acoustic pods are separate, designated working areas of various styles and sizes placed within an open plan office. They can be a high-backed seating area with table for several people; a screen with a desk inside, a fully enclosed and sound-proofed zone for focused work or confidential phone calls, or an informal seating area surrounded by sound absorbing materials or baffles for meetings. In short – they give your people a greater choice of working zones, whilst keeping noise disruption, both for them and others – to a minimum.

Office pods also provide modern, eye-catching design solutions for your office. The wide range of colour choice available can brighten your existing office environment or keep to a colour palate you already have in use.

In open offices it’s often hard to hold private conversations or find the peace to focus. Office pods can not only look bright and attractive but will also present practical solutions. Offering additional, flexible spaces like these within an open plan office presents a simple, cost-effective solution to noise issues and collaboration areas.

Mobile meeting pods are great for cases of office relocation and dilapidations, as not only do they minimalize the hassle of moving office partitions and flooring, but they also reduce the risk of damage costs in the office. Due to their versatility they can be moved with incredible ease during these times.

A benefit of acoustic pods over fixed meeting rooms is that they can fit into smaller or oddly shaped floor space. For informal meetings, or those which are not totally confidential, acoustic pods are ideal. They can also be used in breakout areas and receptions.

Equally, if you wish to avoid costly aircon reconfigurations or require the flexibility to relocate the acoustic pod in the future, a mobile pod is a good option. There are many on the market with varied levels of acoustic performance and functionality. We like the variety of the fun mobile meeting pods for two, four or six people from Birmingham-based JDD Furniture. See their “Bill” range immediately below:



However, partitioned meeting rooms or fitted acoustic pods also have their uses. They are better for confidential meetings or when quieter working is required. They can also be bespoke so can be built in many different sizes to suit your employees’ needs. And they certainly don’t need to look boring – as you can see from the phone box design at Ashcourt Rowan or the small one-man sound-proofed pods at Mayborn Group.



We have found that depending on your business, having a choice of collaborative meeting rooms as well as one or more acoustic pod meeting areas is the best mix for most offices.

See some more styles of acoustic booths that we have supplied recently to clients throughout the UK.



Booths supplied for different areas of the global HQ for Mayborn Group in North Tyneside



Ben Johnson fitted these different booths for Equifax in Leeds and for iparadigms in Newcastle


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