Quick Fixes to Refresh your Office Space in 2024 Return to a stylish workspace!


We’re back on the blog today with some new ideas for you to spruce up your office space in 2024 and make a stylish return to the office! Improvements to your workplace don’t have to be expensive, disruptive or time consuming – and a bit of refresh could be just what your business needs to reinvigorate the team and get 2024 off to a good start!

Why consider refreshing your office space?

Redecorating can help generate fresh ideas, boost creativity and really ramp up productivity. Plus, the key to hacking your existing physical office design could be as simple as rearranging the pieces you’ve already got or adding a splash of new colour here and there.

This kind of minimal investment can enhance your company’s culture and make heaps of difference to your staff morale, without breaking the bank or being detrimental to your already-busy schedule.

So get ready to be inspired…

1. Declutter your space

Workspace clutter reduces efficiency and can raise stress levels, so spending time organising is not wasted time!

Be ruthless and throw away anything unnecessary, encourage staff to keep their desks clear from clutter and random paperwork, and make sure you invest in ample storage to make that easier. This could be as simple as desk storage boxes, drawer dividers and more bins, or could include the addition of shelves and cupboards. Or even imposing a no-print policy, which is becoming ever more common these days. The trees will certainly be glad!

These days files and cabinets are more attractive than ever so there’s no excuse not to up your game in the storage department, and a label maker can make quick work of your organisation while making life easier for those seeking a certain item.

Smarter desktop storage can also help to provide clear spaces that encourage productivity and discourage mess. Office decluttering is also something we covered in a past post in more detail so you can pop over there if you need any more convincing!

Check out this end of desk storage solution we installed for Firmenich in Thirsk, stylish and productive! 

2. Upgrade to ergonomic furniture or simply upgrade your décor

Upgrading office furniture doesn’t have to involve a big spend. It could be as simple as sanding surfaces to expose natural wood, reupholstering chairs/seating or giving things a fresh coat of paint in a nice new hue. Upgrading to ergonomic furniture could be costly, that said it is a great investment for staff wellbeing and health, ergonomic furniture can be anything from a height adjustable desk to ergonomic keyboard trays and/or monitor stands, so you don’t have to go all out to begin with.

You could encourage staff to get a little creative with their individual desk spaces; an area that reflects their personality or makes them feel happier will likely be a boost to productivity and will bring something new to the office. You could still have guidelines or rules to ensure nothing ends up too distracting or off-brand but a bit of free rein for employees can go a long way. A few statement pen pots, calendars, jazzy accessories and personal photographs from home might be a lovely touch.

Consider dual-purpose items too. We know that not everyone has the luxury of an abundance of space and often help our clients find multitasking pieces that will offer more than one use for the footprint/investment.

Dual monitor set up’s on desk areas are becoming more and more popular, as well as ergonomic desk chairs. 

3. Biophilic office design 

Bringing natural elements into your workplace can instantly make us feel more inspired and boost productivity. If you can’t all take breaks to work outside for a few hours of the day, bring the outside in instead.

Biophilic office design such as living walls, flowers and plants can make a surprising difference in decreasing stress levels and increasing wellbeing and motivation. In fact, studies have shown plantlife can actually increase worker productivity by 15%. Real plants purify the air and add freshness and colour to the workplace, on the other hand however, opting for faux greenery is also a great option for low maintenance.

Check out our post on the benefits of biophilic office design (plants in the workplace) and see our roundup of the best plants, real or faux, for your business.

Adding more than a touch of greenery with a whole wall of plant life and strengthening the brand with the added logo in our own office.

4. Lighting

We’ve discussed the impact of light on employee productivity before. In terms of quick fixes, it might not be possible to increase natural light with extra windows or add glass partitions and walls to share available light throughout the office.

But positioning desks so that staff are opposite the natural light or ensuring that desks and chairs are at the right height to get the most from the light throughout the day, plus making smart use of artificial light and checking your bulbs are all working and the best ones for the job, are all great ways to easily improve office life. Utilising task lighting to illuminate workstations can also reduce eye strain, another way you can increase staff productivity and wellbeing in the workplace!

The Reed Smith office is blessed with lots of natural light! In the Space Planning process we ensured that the desks were placed as close to the windows as possible, to allow for that extra boost in employee morale! 

5. Rethink the layout

You can make sure you orient the desks in the best position for natural light, as per the previous point, and tick two boxes in one fell swoop.

Office breakout areas are something we’re experts in, almost every client now factors in a breakout space in their office design, they are essential for employees to recharge, breakout spaces also encourage collaboration and promote relaxation. Re evaluating your office layout could include looking into a breakout space if you don’t have one already, or it could simply mean looking at different workspace zones and moving some furniture around to utilise the space better.

We created this open plan office space with various zones, on the first floor of the Envirovent HQ in Harrogate

6. ​​Inject a new colour

The colour of your walls can reinvigorate the space and have a noticeable impact on both the mood and motivation levels of your team, colours have a profound impact on mood and creativity. Motivation might come in the form of bright, vibrant and happy tones, perhaps the pop of a statement wall, a new colourful chair or a huge piece of cheerful art that brings new energy to a room.

It also doesn’t have to be a big commitment – these panels we’ve used in our new office design instantly add new colours to a space.

Coloured details our Ben Johnson Interiors HQ add interest to an otherwise fairly neutral wall.

7. Make it comfortable

Soften the space by adding some simple textiles and home comforts.

This is a pretty simple way to change the overall look and feel of the space, while also adding to the wellbeing of those working in the space. A fabric blind, throws and cushions are inexpensive but can make a big difference. A professional workplace doesn’t have to be all sleek lines and hard edges.

The aim is to make the space somewhere functional, a place your employees are happy to be in so that they’ll do their best work. Choose your patterns, textures and items with this in mind. You could also look at upgrading the chairs for ones with better ergonomic support for those long hours spent at a desk.

The KCOM office offers lots of different zones for employees (and visitors- in the reception area pictured above) to sit and wind down in comfort. It’s not all about desk space!


If that’s got you longing for a refreshed office space but you’re still not quite sure where to start on your project, big or small, why not give us a call?

You’ll benefit from our combined years of varied expertise and an enormous range of design solutions, furniture and more. Let’s see how we can work together.