Communicator Corp

The Brief

Specialist email marketing business Communicator were moving offices in Newcastle. The basic space plans covering desk layouts and meeting room arrangement had been completed internally but they needed help developing the Interior finishes and furniture package. They wanted something fun and vibrant, less corporate.


The Solution

Our designer created a theme/identity for each meeting room using different colours and textures. We incorporated one larger meeting room and two smaller ones in order to suit most employee activities. The furniture varied across all the office areas, including poser height and soft seating so employees had a choice and it encouraged them to feel and behave differently than they would in a conventional meeting room.

The breakout space was important to the client so we designed it to feel spacious yet contain it to one area of the office without the need to box it in with partitions.
The furniture we provided includes all the meeting room tables, the brand colour task chairs and storage – including the built in storage wall.


Sector: Design & Marketing
Location: Newcastle, North East
Size: 10,000sqft
Scope of work: Design & Furniture Supply/Installation

About the client

Communicator is a trusted partner in sophisticated email marketing with a focus on helping ambitious brands achieve breakthrough results.