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Did you know we have Designed and completed the Fit-Out of many offices for Gaming and Technology companies?

Ben Johnson have worked with a range of Tech companies for many years, including several high-profile brands in the gaming industry. Confidentiality is critical within the gaming sector, so we are unable to share their amazing workplaces with you, but the experience and expertise we have gathered along the way has enabled us to work with other technology businesses, as we understand the workplace challenges. Scrumming, agile working, neighbourhoods, good acoustics and integrated technology are all requests that are common knowledge to us here at Ben Johnson, and we have have a great team with the expertise ready to help.

Modern Tech Workspace Design can help you attract and retain the best talent!

The common brief from gaming and tech companies is the need to attract and retain the best talent. Employees are often newly out of university and have expectations of their working environments. Their workplaces need to offer a choice of work settings to support a range of activities including acoustic booths, town hall spaces, scrum meeting spaces, hot desking areas and collaboration areas.

Tech Offices require good ergonomics and lighting control 

When completing a office fit-out for a tech company, experience in the latest high-tech office furniture innovations are important. The workstations are generous as they need to accommodate 2-3 monitors with integrated technology for easy plug and play. Ergonomics are important as staff typically spend long periods of time at their workstations, so sit stand height adjustable desks with good ergonomic desk chairs are often requested. 

Effective lighting control at the workstations is also a common request within an innovative tech office layout, and we have installed dimmable lighting as well as individual task lighting on desks, so users can control their own lux levels. The choice of window blinds can also be an area of focus for a tech office interior fit-out. Natural light is important for wellbeing; however, the glare of the sunlight on monitors must be controlled, as well as ensuring confidentiality from the outside world.

A well thought out Modern Tech Workspace Design supports collaboration and wellbeing 

When roles are very desk based, it is important to offer employees space away from the desk to encourage collaboration, interaction and wellbeing. When designing innovative tech office layouts, we have created a variety of work settings, such as chill out rooms, gaming areas, neuro-diversity rooms, media suites and breakout areas. Breakout areas can be designed to be more homely and even include a cool bar. View our recent tech office interior design project for Equifax in Nottingham, and our recent tech office fit-out for KnowBe4 in Leeds!

Ensuring good acoustics in sound and media studios 

When completing gaming company office fit-outs, we have installed several specialist recording studios, sound studios, music edit rooms and mix rooms where acoustic performance is essential. Office fit-out methods include building the partition walls up to 600mm thick with good sound installation between the walls. Sound lobbies or jack and jill doors are frequently used to control the sound on entry and exit from the rooms, together with acoustic walls and ceiling treatments. The design and installation of the mechanical and electrical infrastructure is also important to reduce any sound transfer or reverberation. To process the recorded data efficiently, hard wired data links between the rooms and workstations in the open plan are also common practice in a tech company office fit-out. 

IT Workplace Design, and the Integration of Technology is important in any office environment 

Many of our customers who were traditionally a product or finance business would now describe themselves as a tech business, as technology further integrates in everything we do. The workplace must provide a sense of community. Many of our customers are recognising the importance of giving their employees a choice of work and collaboration spaces to encourage interaction, social engagement, and a return to the office.

Patent lawyers, Appleyard Lees are a perfect example of these requests and trends. They wanted to look more like a marketing and technology company, rather than a traditional law firm and encourage social engagement and a return to the office a minimum 3 days a week.

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